Refund Policy

Risk-free shopping with easy refund policy

We will issue refund in the below cases. The issue must be brought to our notice within a week of placing the order.

Dispatched Wrong Product

We offer full refund if we happen to dispatch a wrong product instead of the product you ordered. Just send us the image of the product you received my mistake and we will issue a full refund for the product you ordered.

Vegetable or Product Not Fulfilled

The supply of vegetables is not certain. We won't be able to dispatch a vegetabble once in a while due to non-availability. We may not be able to dispatch any other product if they are not in a saleable condition. In such cases, we will issue a refund for the vegetable or product.

Received Spoiled Vegetables

We pick and pack vegetables with extreme care. But due to conditions beyond our control there is a chance of spoilage during transit. We have you covered. Just send us a coupleof pics of the spoiled vegetable and we will issue a refund.

Issues With Frozen Foods

We use Woolcool packing for sending frozen foods. This packing keeps the frozen items in a frozen condition for upto 36 hours. If the delivery is made on the epected day there won't be any problem. However, the frozen foods may spoil if the courier delays delivery. Just let us know as soon as you receive delivery with a picture of the product and we will issue a refund.

Any Other Issues

If you want refund for any other issues not covered here just contact us on web chat, email ( ), or phone ( +44 7405 362569 ) and we will take up your issue for consideration.