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Indian Pickles in the UK

The Indians’ love for pickles is well known. Whichever part or state of the country one might be from we can be sure that he/she has a favorite pickle. As almost anything can be pickled, including meat, one cannot be sure how many varieties of pickles there are in the country. One estimate puts the number in the thousands.

The process of pickling came into being as a means of food preservation about 4000 years back. Pickle is known by different names in different regions such as achar, lonacha, oorukai, pachadi, uppinakaayi, ooragaya and more.

Not only is the process of pickling a tradition where it is undertaken once a year like an annual ritual, but the pickle itself has a place in tradition. In many regions of India when the parents of the newly married daughter visit her at her new home, they bring several jars of pickles. The pickle is coveted.

Every region in the country has its own favorite pickle. Amla/gooseberry, garlic, red/green chilli, onion, mango, coconut and lemon are some of the most popular and widely used pickles in India. Avakaya, a particular type of mango pickle, is a favorite in south India.

Meat pickles have gained popularity in India in the recent years. Chicken, fish and prawns are the most widely consumed non-vegetarian pickles.

But how do Indians abroad continue to enjoy their beloved pickle? Pickles are not allowed to be carried on planes. Online Indian groceries are a life line for people who can’t live without pickles. Shop online for Indian pickles and they turn up at your door in 1 or 2 days. What more can a pickle loving Indian ask for? Moreover, online stores offer a wide selection to choose from.

Whether you want a pickle to go with your rice or to enhance the taste of a curry or complement your breakfast, we have all the pickles you need.

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