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Sabadda's plans for 2018

Sabadda wishes everyone a very happy New Year. Hope you have big goals, plans and resolutions for this year. We, too, have huge plans for Sabadda in 2018. We are confident that this will be the year that we make our mark in the online Indian groceries space in the UK.

Sabadda launched in 2016 with a small team of 5 enthusiastic and committed individuals. Though our team grew in 2017 the core team is still on board, as motivated and committed as ever. We are a constantly learning and evolving business. We have learned and evolved a lot from our experiences in the last one and a half year.

We have made major changes to the website, our products range, customer contact processes and methods, and much more based on feedback from customers and our own observations. We observed that a big chunk of our visitors were accessing our website on their mobile devices. So, we launched our very own mobile app.

Customer feedback is always welcome at Sabadda. Our customers have made a few things loud and clear to us in the past few months. We have listened and made note. We are ready to take action on the feedback. Below is a list of items that are in the works.

Better Stock Situation

Products being out of stock had been a major issue for us in the past few months. Many customers waited months to order an item because it sometimes took months to restock it. About 25% of our products are very popular and move very fast. We have identified such items and have made plans to keep them in stock always.

We plan to do this through better forecasting of restocking needs. We are also working with multiple suppliers to make sure that these products are always in stock.

Introducing Fruits

We will be adding fruits to our store very soon, as early as the end of this month. We sold mangoes in the previous mango season and they sold like crazy. The Indians’ favourite fruit will be here by late March or early April.

We will be adding fruits like apple, guava, custard apple, grapes, cherries, melon, kiwi and many more. We will let all our customers know when we add them to our store.

Even More Vegetables

We already have over 50 vegetables in our store, leafy vegetables being the most popular. We will be adding even more this month. Some of the new vegetables we will be adding include peas, cucumber, turnips, cabbage, pepper, haldi and many more.

Better Support

We plan to be more available and accessible. Our customers already rate our support very high. We intend to take it up a notch. Our goal is to never miss a chat. We want our customers to get answers at the moment they need them. We want their issues to be resolved without delay.

We have extensive FAQs available on the website. But still, we realize that most customers don’t have the time to look through a bunch of questions. They prefer to ask a question and get an answer immediately.

Better Delivery Experience

Several customers complained to us regarding delays in delivery and lack of information on the status of their parcel. We have to admit that this is a complex problem with no clear solutions. But we are in talk with a number of couriers in an effort to bring you a better delivery experience.

There it is. Was your grievance covered? If not, let us know in comments.

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