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Frozen Indian Foods in the UK

Want a quick breakfast before you dash off to work? Hungry but too tired to cook dinner at the end of a long work day? Need a tasty snack or meal fast for whatever reason? Craving for some tasty, traditional food? Frozen foods might just be what you need.

Frozen foods have gained popularity among Indians living in the UK due to number of advantages they offer such as convenience, reliable taste and quality, and availability. Frozen foods are, of course, not part of the diet of a typical Indian. But a number of factors such as a hurried life style have contributed to their acceptance and popularity.

Convenience of a Quick Meal

People don’t always have time to cook especially when both partners are working. With frozen foods, a healthy breakfast or a tasty snack or a hearty meal is just a couple of minutes away. Just open the package, place it in the oven for 2 minutes and it is ready.

With some frozen food in your freezer you can rest easy with the knowledge that a quick tasty snack or meal is available to you whenever you need it.

Easy to Satisfy a Craving

Cravings for your favourite Indian food will not have to go unsatisfied. There are a wide variety of snacks, breakfasts and meals to choose from. If you are craving for some traditional Indian food, just visit our Indian frozen foods store and choose from our wide range. We have traditional Indian breakfasts, snacks, curries, chutneys and more.

Quality and Availability

With frozen foods, you can be certain of good quality and taste as the processes are highly standardized. All the recipes are refined to cater to the Indian palate.

A wide variety of Indian frozen foods can be bought online, including right here at Sabadda. We pack all frozen foods in Woolcool insulated packing. This allows us to ship frozen foods all over the UK knowing that the products will still be solidly frozen when they reach the customer. Sabadda doesn’t charge the customer anything extra for this special packing.

Popular Foods and Brands

Some of the most popular Indian frozen foods among Indians in the UK include parotta, paratha, chapathi, frozen Indian vegetables, dosa, kachori and phulka roti. When it comes to popular frozen food brands, Haldiram’s is the clear winner. It has an extensive range of products in this segment. Ashoka, Daily Delight and Shana are also very popular.

Craving for something? View our Indian frozen parathas or visit our Indian frozen foods store.

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