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Online Indian Grocery Store in the UK

As a professional working and living in the UK with my family, I too faced the usual problems that Indians working and living here face. Acclimatizing to the extremely different climate was just one of the challenges.

Though language was not at all a problem, getting used to the cultural nuances took some time. The biggest problem was how to continue eating the food I grew up eating. Finding all the Indian groceries I needed was the biggest problem I faced. I had to travel a fair distance to shop for Indian groceries. Even then I could not find everything I needed, leave alone wanted.

Several online Indian grocery stores were available. But I was not happy with the high shipping charges as well as the utter lack of customer support. However, I did not have much of a choice.

I knew what an ideal online Indian grocery store would be like. Then I started thinking. Why can't I be the one to create the best online grocery store for the Indian community in the UK? I knew it was a very tough challenge. But I wanted to do it, for myself as well as for the Indians in the UK.

Eventually Sabadda was born. My plan to make Sabadda the best online Indian grocery in the UK is simple. Offer quality products, wide range andlow prices. And top it up with exceptional customer service. Simple, but not at all easy.

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Tirumala Reddy Bhimavarapu
23 Oct 13:12

I live in Harlow,Essex.Basically im a foodie and i love spice food like most of the INDIANs. Lived in London for few years and never felt im missing India as i found each and every indian spices in LONDON.

When i was moving to Harlow,my first thought was how to get my favorite Indian groceries .

I found one reliable,fast and perfect solution ,that is SABADDA.

As the Name suggests it ADDA for SUB (Groceries) especially ASIAN.

Im very happy today as its been a year i moved to Harlow and With SABDDA im enjoying my life here like how it was in INDIA when it comes to food.

My kitchen is always full of groceries and i like it .


Wish you guys good success and see more n more happy faces like me in future.


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