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Canned Foods Gain Popularity

All of us have bought canned foods at one time or the other. Canned foods continue to gain in popularity and mainstream acceptance due to a number of benefits they offer. The most common and popular type of canned foods include canned seafood and fish, canned vegetables, canned meat, canned beans, canned fruits, and canned ready meals.

Canned seafood and fish account for around 33% of the canned food market share. North America and Europe comprise the biggest market for canned foods. According to Technavio’s Global Canned Food Market 2016-2020 report, the canned food market is projected to grow at a steady 3% through 2020.

Supermarkets and large departmental stores account for a huge chunk of canned food sales. The popularity of canned foods can be attributed to economic, lifestyle related and other factors. Below is a list of advantages afforded by canned foods that are contributing to their growing popularity.

Keeps nutritional values intact

Canning helps retain almost all the nutritional benefits in the food products. Proponents of the benefits of canned foods contend that any food product is on an average a week old by the time it reaches us, losing a significant part of its nutritional value.

Foods are canned at the peak of their nutrition to lock in the nutrients. Steel cans naturally prevent the deterioration of food and keep them in the best state for a long period of time.

Cheaper than frozen or fresh

Canned fruits and vegetables compare very well to fresh and frozen in terms of cost and nutrition. An extensive study by Michigan State University concludes that when seasonality, convenience, availability, affordability, shelf life, and nutrition are taken into account canned fruits and vegetables are much more economical.

Availability out of season

A major advantage of canning fruits is that the process helps in preserving seasonal fruits for long periods of time. This means that seasonal fruits will be available for consumption out-of-season. Canning extends the shelf-life of fruits without the need for preservatives. Steel cans are air tight and also act as excellent barrier against light.

Easy to store and transport

Canned foods are easier to transport than fresh or frozen foods. Refrigeration is not needed either during the transport or for the storage. The food can be stored and transported at room temperature. This is one of the reasons why canned foods are cheaper. There are no refrigeration costs and additional costs associated with transport.

The above are some of the important reasons why canned foods continue to flood the supermarkets and your local groceries. Canning allows the delivery of economical nutrition. Please let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

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