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Online Indian Grocery Store in the UK

Order delivery is a major concern to an e-commerce business like ours that uses 3rd party couriers to deliver customers’ orders. Our courier has cost us a handful of 5 star reviews from customers due to their shabby service. To be fair to them, that does not happen often. Most times they offer great service. But they do mess up things once in a while.

Here are a few handy tips to make sure that you do not miss a delivery.

Leave instructions if you won’t be home

Leave instructions in chat or by replying to the order confirmation email to leave the parcel at a safe place if nobody is home when the package arrives. Do this if you are sure that the package won’t be stolen or damaged. Take your surroundings into consideration before you opt for this.

Your instruction must reach us before we ship the package else we won’t be able to pass it to the courier.

Track your package

As soon as we dispatch your order you will receive an email with a tracking link. Visit the link and make a note of the delivery date. Check this link to find out your delivery slot on the morning of the day your delivery is scheduled. You don’t even need to open your laptop. Just open the link from the email on your phone.

Then make sure that you are at home in that timeslot. If you need to go out unexpectedly, stick a note on the door to leave the package somewhere.

Reschedule Delivery

If your order has vegetables or frozen foods, we recommend that you take delivery at the earliest available opportunity. But if you do have to reschedule, do not do it on the tracking page as this would automatically reschedule it to the next day. Instead, call customer care and request your delivery to be rescheduled.

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